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With immense pleasure & proud I welcome you to our online portal. We at Dhawan Nutrition Centre, Hoshiarpur, Punjab like to call ourselves as an Independent Distributors for Herbalife Nutrition products in Hoshiarpur, Punjab.

Herbalife is a global company working in the field of nutrition supplements and has helped millions of people around the Globe to achieve their goal for living a healthy lifestyle.

Herbalife was established in the year 1980 with just one goal in mind, that is of “Making the World Healthier and Happier place to live”. With the help of more than 2.3 million Independent Associates like us in over 90 countries, Herbalife is bringing changes in lives of millions of peoples.

How Herbalife came in My life?

I was introduced to Herbalife by one of my relatives. Those were the day when I was living a very unhealthy lifestyle and my weight was increasing rapidly in folds. Because I was giving my health the least priority my BMI (Body Mass Index) which crossed the danger mark and my weight crossed 100 Kg.

This was the point when I started using these wonderful and amazing Herbalife Nutritional food products. To be very honest with you all, I would like to admit here that at first, I was somewhat skeptical about the results the company was claiming.

After thoroughly studying the process and study material, I followed the entire procedure with my 100% dedication. I started getting results after my first month with Herbalife.

My lifestyle completely changed, and I started getting compliments from my friends and colleagues. Apart from the visible changes, I started feeling more energetic and my health problems were remarkably reduced. During this entire transformative period, I never felt dejected or tired.

In the end, I succeeded in reducing 20 Kg of body weight and some of my health problems vanished in thin air. Since then I have maintained my weight and have pledged to not let this success go wasted.

The Financial Independence Because of Herbalife.

Joining Herbalife not only helps you to lead a healthy life, but it can also be your road towards your financial independence. Once you have tested our products and are 100% sure about the benefits of it you can enroll yourself in Herbalife distributor program and can become a part-time or full-time independent Herbalife Associate.

Being an Independent distributor helps you earn what you’re worth. You will be bringing positive and healthier changes in the life of people. The financial freedom which comes with being an independent Herbalife distributor gives you more time to spend with your family & friends, those are the people you care about the most.

A complete office less business means you can work from anywhere be it your home, a neighbourhood café or a beach.

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Weight Loss

Lose weight with the help of natural & safe Herbalife products. These products have no side-effects. You’ll get 100% positive results if you follow instructions of our experts with dedication.

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Weight Gain

Gaining weight is a challenging task and it requires balanced regular meals with the right amount of portions in each meal.  Herbalife Products are the best option to gain weight in a healthy way.

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Healthy Lifestyle

Healthy Lifestyle is the demand of time and you need to choose healthy food, proper exercise, and physical activities. Herbalife Nutrition Products help you maintaining your healthy lifestyle.

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