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Success Stories of Herbalife Customers

Our customers are highly contented with the results of our Herbalife Nutrition products. They share their experience with others and recommend & vouch for the Herbalife Fitness products.


I have been trying to gain weight for a long time but due to poor eating habits, I was unable to increase my weight. Thanks to Herbalife Fitness Products that have changed my physique. I gained 8 KG weight and now I am happy as my appearance is changed. I highly recommend these products for a healthy lifestyle.

shipra-dhawan Success Stories

I was facing lots of problems due to obesity and everyone was suggesting different ways to reduce weight but nothing was fruitful for me. Then I get connected to the mentors of Herbalife Nutrition Centre, Hoshiarpur and I got to know the right path to a healthy lifestyle. I reduced 32 KG weight in a short period and now I am happy. I used to recommend the Herbalife products to those who want to reduce or gain weight.

Prince Aggarwal

Thanks a lot, Herbalife Fitness Products for helping me in reducing 32 KG weight. Now my look is totally changed and the credit goes to the members of Dhawan Herbalife Nutrition Centre Hoshiarpur.



Parveen Saini

Weight gain or weight loss is a challenging task for some of the persons like me and without proper guidance of mentors, it was not possible for me to lose 15 KG weight. Thanks to Herbalife Nutrition Centre Hoshiarpur. I recommend using Herbalife products for shaping the body.


Nitin Tondon

I was desperate due to my skinny body and was unable to increase weight & build muscles. Then with the help of Herbalife Nutrition Products, I gained 8 KG weight which boosts my confidence. I am still using these products and following guidelines with full dedication.  A special thanks to Herbalife Nutrition Centre Hoshiarpur.


Vikramjeet Singh

Thanks to Herbalife Products that have proved to be a blessing for me. Earlier, I wanted to reduce my weight but all my efforts get vanished. When I got to know about Herbalife Fitness Products, I decided to try them and approach Herbalife Nutrition Centre Hoshiarpur. That was the day when I got a new way to healthify my life. I reduced 11 KG weight due to which many problems vanished in the air.

Mona Kumra

In today’s life, everyone wants a perfect personality and the physique of a person has a main role in his/her personality. I was lacking a good personality due to my skinny body. Being an overweight or underweight create problems and both need proper attention & guidance. Herbalife Fitness Products have changed my lifestyle & personality. I gained 18 KG weight and my entire family is using these products. We all are highly satisfied with the results of these products.

Hitesh Dhawan

Being an overweight, I was unable to enjoy my life properly. I looked aged, hence I wanted to reduce my weight. I was ready to do efforts for building ideal body structure but there was a lack of guidance. Then I get connected to Mr. Dhawan who guided me for losing weight. Thanks to Herbalife Nutrition Centre Hoshiarpur from where I got products and lose 28 KG of my weight.


jatinder-dhaliwal Success Stories


Everyone knows that obesity is one of the biggest problems, the modern world is facing. I too was having my share of problems with obesity. I was having every problem which comes to an overweight person.

The day I decided to focus on my health was one of the best days of my life. Taking the pledge to lose weight was easy but to implement the routine and be disciplined during the course was the hardest part of my weight loss journey in the beginning.

My mentors at Dhawan Herbalife Nutrition Centre motivated me and under their supervision, I was able to reduce around 30 KG of my weight.

I loved the motivation from the other players. It wasn’t about the money; it was about supporting each other and helping out when we could.

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